Meeting hot female celebrities in VR

Celebrities are an undeniable reality and a crucial element of the 2019 Western culture. They’re everywhere, from TV shows, movies, to music videos and even politics these days, with a former reality star acting as the current American president.

Celeb culture has shown no tendency to stop if anything, the influence celebrities have on society has increased since the early 2000s. These days, they voice their opinions on almost anything, from fashion to presidential candidates. It is undeniable that celebrities are who decides what’s in and what’s out, what’s hip and what’s not.

With this kind of influence and power, admirers naturally come. Paparazzi are merely an outcome of the public desiring celebrity pictures and content. With this, some sexual attraction is bound to occur. Lots of people want to fuck celebrities, after all, they are some of the hottest people in the world.

Much in the fashion celebrities are dominating other industries, VR porn movies are taking the porn industry by storm. VR videos are becoming more and more popular and threatening to become the norm in the not so distant future.

It isn’t hard to think about the fusion of these two areas. Wouldn’t it be great if you could meet and fuck a got female celeb like in one of the VR bangers videos? While naturally, most celebrities are unlikely to do porn, this fantasy may not be as far from reality as you might think.

VR is currently mostly used for video games and other similar projects. The faces and polygons aren’t even nearly detailed enough to mimic actual human skin and behavioral patterns.

While that is true for now, how long will it stay true? After all, VR technology is improving rapidly. It isn’t that far-fetched to imagine that in the future, digital models of famous people would be readily available. After procuring a model such as this, putting it in a sexual situation is a trivial task.

This could easily let you screw your celebrity of choice in virtual reality. Especially with current developments in graphics, this dream may not be so far away. With ray tracking and other high-end technologies picking up steam, it is only a matter of time until large porn studios can make lifelike models of whoever you wish to screw.